Susan d'Arcy

"I write about luxury travel and spas for The Sunday Times and, as part of my job, have been on various fitness holidays with trainers who have worked with the likes of David Beckham, Madonna, Geri Halliwell and Amanda Holden.

I can honestly say Joe and Harry are every bit as good as these instructors - only they don't charge £150- plus an hour. Joe or Harry are always on hand to give advice if I can't remember an exercise or am not doing something properly and they change my programme every six weeks so I never get bored but, more importantly, my muscles are continually challenged in different ways, making my training more effective.

I had been going to another gym three times a week for years, spending an hour training each time. I still go three times a week but my programmes are normally only 40 minutes long now and yet I have definitely become fitter and more toned. Joe and Harry are really friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about nutrition as well as exercise. I really couldn't be happier with the service they provide."

Richard Brown:

"I came to the gym because I have a long term problem with a disc in my neck. I had received good treatment for my symptoms from my osteopath but I also wanted to stay fit and improve the underlying problems.

Joe quickly grasped the description my osteopath had described, evaluated my general physical condition, and set me up a programme of therapeutic exercises. They also satisfied my desire to stay active and fit.

Since then, with Joe responding to symptoms and progress I have made great strides and have enjoyed every session".